Monday, May 1, 2017

Monday, May 1


  1. Test Analysis
    1. application of the diagnostic guide
    2. review of multiple choice and FRQ 
  2. Political Funding Flow Chart
    1. See me for a copy if you missed this
  • Cram for the Exam (1:46 minute video that aired on C-SPAN on Sunday)
  • Public Policy summation and practice multiple choice questions
    • Summation LINKED HERE
    • Multiple Choice Practice LINKED HERE (answers with explanations listed at the bottom of the document)
  • Albert website link and access code

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Review Site Update

I received access to the Albert site and think you should be able to join my "class" using the code listed below.  If you have some time please go on and do some learning.

Class code: BAEENY

Review Session

Here is what we covered at the 4/27 review session--didn't get to the courts and bureaucracy


Wednesday, April 26


  1. Final Exam
  • Prepare for the AP exam--last weekend!
  • I'm still working on access the the Albert site at the moment.  I will update my blog with a post if I'm successful tomorrow.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Monday, April 24


  1. Current Event
  2. Finish going over the final exam review sheet (already linked)
    1. I would recommend finding someone that was in class that can help fill you in if you happen to have missed this
  3. Monetary and Fiscal Policy
    1. We watched a 9:00 crash course video and discussed monetary and fiscal policy
    2. Video is linked above
    3. We discussed the difference between these two, which happens quickly during this video.  Come and see me if you have questions.
HW: prepare for your exam Friday

Friday, April 21, 2017

Friday, April 21


  1. Current Event
  2. Review and score the FRQ on civil rights/liberties as well as samples
  3. Final exam review sheet (details about the test and content to know linked below)
    1. APGOPO Final Review Sheet
HW: work through your review