Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Wednesday, December 14--Snow Day Update

As you know, this was an abnormal day of school and because of the timing it has thrown off our scheduled exam.  Below you should find information about the exam date as well as materials that could be useful. In the event that there is no school on Friday please check back online for the work I will be asking you to complete over the break.  Also, please spread the word to your classmates about things related to this class.

Exam info:

  1. The test on Political Beliefs and Behaviors has been rescheduled for Wednesday, January 4.  this is the first day after break...please be ready!
  2. The Unit 2 review and test review sheets were linked under Monday's post.  Please go there to find them if needed.
  3. Chapter 9 Vocabulary was distributed today in periods 5 and 7.  It is LINKED HERE if you need it and I will give a copy to period 8 if/when I see you on Friday.
    1. This isn't a graded assignment and is intended to help you review terms that show up on the test
  4. Kahoot review--there is a Kahoot I have created and we will plan to play it in class on Friday.  If there is no school I will upload a link so you can access the questions from home to aid your studying over the break.
Hope you all have a safe and enjoyable time in the snow.