Sunday, January 29, 2017

Monday, January 30

Welcome to the first day of the second semester.  This is a fresh start, which for some is a welcome opportunity to reset and for others will hopefully show continued success.  Regardless, I'm glad that all of you are here.


  1. Test Review
    1. A chance to examine the final, see how you scored, and hopefully learn from the questions you missed (the semester is done, but this material will remain important)
  2. Current Event Sign Up
    1. Make sure you get signed up for a date
  3. Preparation for Socratic Seminar on Wednesday
    1. The topic of the seminar will be the Executive Order on travel restrictions issued by President Trump
    2. Below I have linked a variety of articles for you to look at.  Some are from a more liberal perspective and come conservative, which was intentional.  Read as many of them as you can to educate yourself on the issue and come to class with some evidence that you are ready to be an active participant in our discussion.
    3. Evidence can consist of printed out articles that are marked up/ highlighted or notes, facts, and arguments connected to the issue at hand
Links (in no particular order--part of this exercise is you determining the source and it's credibility)