Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Wednesday, March 1


  • Multiple choice section of the Congress test will be returned Friday (test corrections on that day)
  • Forecasting sheets due--turn them in to me if you haven't yet
  • AP test registration
    • Registration window opened today 
    • Must register before March 30 to avoid a late fee
    • Sign up at
    • Pay $64 to the bookkeeper (checks payable to Sprague HS)
    • Free/reduced lunch lowers the fee to $1


  1. Current Event
  2. Reading Quiz: 376-83
  3. Finish "Best and Worst Presidents" video
    1. already linked
    2. write a paragraph about the best president in your opinion (provide at least a few reasons to justify your selection)
    3. due on Friday
HW: finish your paragraph about your "best president"