Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Wednesday, April 19

My apologies for my absence again today; it was not expected.  I hope the day went well and below I have attached the documents that were hopefully used during the class period.


  1. Civil rights and liberties key terms
    1. In class groups were asked to match the cut up terms with the correct definition using the completed list provided.  The list for reference is LINKED HERE
  2. Civil rights/liberties unit guide, multiple choice, and FRQ
    1. Read the unit guide, which is LINKED HERE. Feel free to print a copy of this to use and mark up if you can since the document you used in class was a class set.
    2. Multiple choice questions are LINKED HERE
HW: You have some reading to do on civil rights and liberties.  The pages are 98-108 There will be no reading quiz on Friday, however if you want a better chance of learning material that likely shows up on an exam I suggest doing it.